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Get your mobile repair in Pune on a hand of an experienced team without visiting any local repair shop. We are a leading mobile repair in Pune by providing free pickup and drop-off facility with quality of parts. Get a service quote and book a mobile repair in Pune.

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Damaged Your Mobile Screen?

There are many local mobile repair shops are available on the streets of Pune. But it’s very difficult to find a professional and experienced technician for your mobile repair in Pune. Submitting your mobile at an unauthorised local repair shop will be full of tension and confused.

Are you the person who thinks about the security of your smartphone? Then you are at the right place.

Keeping in a mind about the security, quality of parts and repair. We provide the best service of mobile repair in Pune. We repair all brands of smartphones, including Apple and Blackberry. We are a leading service provider of online mobile repair in Pune. Whatever the issue is… We are always ready to face the challenge and solve the issue.

Why Choose us for in Pune

Why choose us for mobile repair in Pune? Here are some advantages which makes us stand out from the crowd.

Free Pick-up & Drop-off

You no need to take time from your busy schedule to come across to repair your Handset. We will come to you for your mobile repair in Pune.

6 Months Warranty

We will provide 6 months of warranty on iPhone repair in Pune such as mobile screen repair or display repair.

Fast Service

We maintain fast turn-around time of 24-48 Hours for mobile repair in Pune. Get your device repaired within a quick time.

100% Client Satisfaction

Our team makes you a happy customer on mobile repair in Pune.

How it

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Book a "Service request" or "Call us" to get a quote and confirm us for your mobile repair in Pune doorstep pickup.


Major issues need machinery & tools. So we pickup your device to our Service center at your convenient time and place for mobile repair in Pune.

We Repair it

Our experienced engineers of mobile repair in Pune will troubleshoot the issue and solve it. If any other issue found, then we will update you and solve it to perform better.


After successfully repaired your mobile phone, we will deliver your smartphone to you and take the payment.

Problems of Smartphone

These are the issues of mobile repair in Pune

Mobile Display Damage

In our busy schedule, mobile displays got cracked accidentally. But no problem, we have a qualified team for mobile repair in Pune. We fix your mobile screen to look and work like a new smartphone.

Liquid/Water Damage

Same like displays, but rarely mobile drops into water accidently and stops working. In our today's life, mobile phone plays a major role in our life. We have experienced engineers for mobile repair in Pune to get your mobile back to life.

Low battery back-up

We hang out with our mobile in our daily routine work. But what about when it doesn't give you sufficient battery back-up? Your work gets disturbed, right! But we won't let it happened. Our team resolve your battery issue for your mobile repair in Pune.

Sound problem

We base most of the office work on mobile calls, SMS, email's, etc. But what if you can't hear a ring or notification sound? Same, your work gets disturbed, right? Don't worry, our technicians are experts to solve almost everything. We are a leading service providers of mobile repair in Pune.

MIC problem

When you are talking, does other side person hearing your voice or facing an issue? If he/she faces disturbance, then it might be a problem with your mobile phone mic. Again, don't worry. Our experts will fix the issue at our mobile repair in Pune.

Not powering on

In our day-to-day life, smartphone plays an important role. But what about when it's stops working? Your work gets stopped! right? But we won't let it happen. We have highly skilled experts on mobile repair in Pune to solve your mobile phone issue. We bring life back to your mobile.

iPhone repair in pune

iPhone Repair in Pune

In this digital world, your office work or personal work may relay on your iPhone only. But what about when your iPhone gets some problem and stops working? Your work may gets stopped, right? Don’t worry, we are here to help you. We have experienced team for iPhone repair in Pune to solve the issue. Whatever the problem is, we also try our best to troubleshoot the issue and solve it. We replace first-class quality parts for your iPhone repair in Pune & mobile repair in Pune. We provide 6 months of warranty for iPhone repair in Pune on iPhone display replacement. Book a service for iPhone repair in Pune and mobile repair in Pune.

Water Damage

Unexpectedly, sometimes your mobile phone falls into water, or water may fall onto your mobile. In this digital world, without smartphone it’s very difficult to complete our office or personal tasks. If you own a top end mobile which comes with water resistance, then it’s ok. But that also have some depth limits. To save your device, you may try some methods like using hairdryer or by shaking your mobile hardly. But most of the time, those tricks won’t work. So we suggest you to call us and give your mobile phone to service it. It’s like calling a doctor for an emergency.

Our team is highly skilled in mobile repair in Pune to save your device from dead. Even though its motherboard is dead, we try our best to bring life back to your device. We have world class machinery tools & equipments for mobile repair in Pune and iPhone repair in Pune. So without making delay, call us or book a service to save your mobile phone.

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About Us

We are a GadgetsCure company providing services of mobile repair in Pune with free pickup and drop-off facility. We started our journey of mobile repair in Pune with a vision to provide quality of service at best prices. Earlier, people used to go out and visit local repair shops to repair their mobile. But we changed the way they do. Now you just need to book a service through our mobile app, website or by calling us. We only come to you and take your device to repair, and after we repaired, we deliver it to you at your doorstep. (Free pickup & drop)