Terms & Conditions

1. The client shall supply accurate contact information such as Name, Phone Number, Email Address, and residential address while submitting your device to the service provider.
2. All services will include free pickup and delivery.
3. Service charges will be collected while taking customers’ devices for service.
4. The Service Provider is dedicated to protecting the customer’s personal data from any unauthorized access and shall not use the information for any other purpose. Even though it’s the client’s responsibility to create a data backup as the service provider shall not be held responsible for the loss of data.
5. The client should provide a brief description as well as other pertinent remarks regarding the problem of the device.
6. All devices received by Gadgets Cure executives will be sent directly to the diagnostic lab. After diagnostic if there will be any other damage, other than mentioned, the customer is responsible for that, not the service provider.
7. The service provides an after-service warranty that does not cover the following condition:
7.1 Body or frame damage caused by mishandling or damage by any external environment.
7.2 Water Damage.
7.3 Damage from subsequent vertical falls, or horizontal falls, intentional or other.
7.4 Internal hardware tampering.
7.5 Damage resulting from repairs other than “GadgetsCure”.
7.6 Software issue unrelated to the repair.
7.7 New Damages unrelated to the original repair.
7.8 Any losses of data occurring at the time of repair.
8. 90 days warranty only provided for android smartphone display/LCD. other than this service warranty provided for repair is 7 days only. If a component is damaged in the motherboard, then that part does not cover the warranty.
9. 6 months warranty provided for Apple iPhone display only.
10. 12 months warranty for laptop display. And other components/parts of the laptop or desktop come with 6 months of warranty and some other components such as hard disk, SMPS, etc will come with 12 months of warranty. We will calculate the warranty from the bill date.
11. The company shall not be responsible for the device not being collected within 90 days of the repair done.
12. We replace first-class quality displays for mobile phones. The original display will be available only in authorized service centers. For laptops and computers, original parts will be available. We replace as per customer convenience. For original parts, the price may vary.
13. For curved display replacements, the company shall not take any risk over the LCD. The job will be done only when permitted from the customer’s end. In case of failure, the company shall not be responsible.
14. Customer submitted mobile phone to GadgetsCure for internal repair with damaged or cracked LCD then GadgetsCure is not responsible for any display damages or LCD damage. For other slim smartphones or mobile phones for which we have to open a display for internal board repairs, our technician will open it very carefully and we try our best to not damage the display. But unfortunately, if it damages when opening for an internal motherboard issue or other, then GadgetsCure is not responsible for display damage.
15. If a customer cancels after submitting a device for repair (or) when technician troubleshooting his devices. Then the customer is not eligible to get a refund.
16. If a customer’s device has a security lock, then the customer has to give security details such a passcode, password, etc to the service provider to check if the device works properly or not. We promise you we won’t check your personal details and we won’t misuse them. If such security details are not shared with the service provider, then we are not responsible if any issue is not resolved. For example, after replacing a mobile display we have to check that the display is working properly or not. In that case, if the customer doesn’t share security details with the service provider, then any display issue is found by the customer after the device is fixed or the device is delivered then the service provider is not responsible for that. In this case, if the display is fixed, then the customer has to pay for that even if the issue is not resolved. Because if the display is fixed it means the warranty seal will be broken. In that case, we can’t return it to our supplier nor can we replace it with another customer’s device. Because replacing used parts in other customer mobile/devices is against our service policy.
For any other doubts kindly contact us at 9550822772 / info@gadgetscure.com